Welcome to your own NudgeLab

In your NudgeLab you can experiment with what you can do to improve your work focus, your health and manage your stress, one step at a time.

We will help you by providing actionable insights that we base on your personal settings and information, and we’ll encourage you to experiment with what could be helpful for you. Here you can set up nudges you believe to be helpful for yourself to work on the specific theme highlighted in our insight. We’ll be here to follow up with you and keep exploring whenever it suits you or you need us.

Human behaviour can be understood by the ABC-model.

A is what comes before the behaviour. This is where you can make it easy for yourself by setting up nudges that will increase the likelihood of you doing the behaviour. We will help you with choosing personal nudges that you think would be helpful for you, and you can set them up according to you own preferences.

B is the behaviour. We hope that we have helped you pave way by assisting in you choosing a relevant behaviour and great nudges. But it’s only you who can perform the behaviour.

C is the consequences of your behaviour, and we know that behaviours that are somehow rewarded are the ones that are more likely to be performed again. We will help you with this too by visualizing the effects, sometimes in biodata, sometimes in other ways. Some consequences can be seen directly, others will take a day or a week before we can evaluate. We’ll help you with this, making sure that you are rewarded and motivated by seeing that your efforts matter!

When you feel that you are done with one theme, we’ll provide you with a new actionable insight. You can work with a theme for one day, one week or longer – it’s up to you.

It’s your lab, but we are with you every step of the way!